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Car Aircon Repair in Sydney Performed by the Pros

If you think that your car air conditioning system needs repairs turn to Car Pal for affordable quotes. Our experts are well equipped to deal with diverse car AC repair needs – thanks to the advanced repair tools they have access to and of course their own practical know how.
Repair Needs Covered by Us
The bouquet of repair services offered by us includes
  • Temperature control functionalities
  • Condenser thermos fans
  • Addition of refrigerant oil
  • Investigation of hoses
  • Reading of suction line temperature
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • Dry nitrogen pressure test system
  • Removal of bad odour
  • Bacteria from cabins
  • Strict adherence to vehicle specifications with R134A
  • Removal of the dryer unit if needed and consequent replacement of the same
  • Testing of vacuum holding capacities of the unit
  • Identify the exact condition of all wiring harnesses
Compressors and Hose Pipes
  • We can repair and replace all types of hoses if required
  • We repair hoses as well
  • Clutch call repair
  • Compressor installation backed by full warranty
  • Bearing and clutch repair
Not Just Regular Services
  • We are hailed as one of the best associated with car aircon repair in Sydney
  • We understand that comprehensive AC repair is necessary for the long life of your car.
  • By “comprehensive” we do imply services that are not covered in your regular car service checks – like refrigerant leaks that are visible, drive belt tension and problems in mounting brackets etc.
Trust us when we say this – it’s not only us but our clients that are saying that we are extraordinary at what we do! We have been successful in earning praises from the fussiest of car owners and not without reasons. Talk about accessing almost flawless car aircon repair in Sydney within competitive price brackets and we can actually tell you that ours is one of the few names widely recommended.
Our team of professionals is known for their meticulous approach towards work. No repair work is initiated before a thorough investigation of the car air condition or related units. When we say that we are performing a thorough pre-repair check we are implying that we are actually taking care of not only your present damages but also the potential issues that might take the shape of a bigger risk in future- talk about providing “truly” comprehensive services and we can tell you that your search will always lead you to us – i.e. Car Pal!
At the heart of our success as a leading car repair company in Australia is our team. We are a bunch of dynamic car enthusiasts that are passionate about anything that has to do with technology. We treat each repair need with impeccable focus and make sure that your car is in the best condition imaginable when it reaches you.
Our quality repair services are consistently hailed by our clients. We ensure satisfaction in all aspects including punctuality, great response time and of course core services – i.e repair. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t feel stuck while in an emergency. Just bail yourself out of it smoothly – with a little bit of help from us! We will not disappoint you!
Don’t let a car break down hamper your regular functions. Just give us a call!
Our expertise and your queries!
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