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Pre Purchase Inspections

Used Car Mobile Vehicle Inspection in Sydney by the Experts

Buying a used or new car any time soon? Let not this exciting experience be marred by a poor choice. Get us on board for reliable mobile pre-purchase car inspection. Our professionals are adroit in offering quality pre-purchase car investigation. Safety, mileage and present condition of the car (both interior and exterior) – of course – remain our focus.
How can we do help you Shop with confidence?
What is it that’s stopping you from buying your car with confidence? Budget always shouldn’t ideally be the only concern you have.
  • You should consider potential issues
  • Be aware of the repair needs of the old car
  • Get an accurate estimate of the resale value
  • Find out about the condition of the car before bringing it home
  • Our new and used car vehicle inspection in Sydney helps you secure a clearer idea about the ideal cost of the car.
How we work
  • You are about to buy a car.
  • You call us up for a check.
  • We visit the place where you need us to reach (we’re mobile and that’s amazing!)
  • We make you aware of the potential repair needs or safety discrepancies if any.
  • You can go on to make your final purchasing decision based on the inferences (a combination of practical knowledge and expertise) offered by our experts post investigation.
  • Just make sure that you are keeping our report in view while settling for services in order to secure the best of automobile experience
We “understand” your car
We understand that a car is a valuable possession and you have worked hard to earn the first, second or the third life of your car. We understand the value of your money. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first time or not – buying a car is always special. Don’t ruin this wonderful experience by not opting for pre-purchase investigation. Our mobile pre-purchase car inspection services are geared to meet diverse needs – irrespective of whether it’s luxury or a regular car. You can call us to secure market-competitive quotes in a hassle-free fashion.
Let us tell you from the very beginning that pre-purchase car inspection is not an arduous procedure. You don’t even have to bring the car to us. We will go to the desired destination and perform a thorough pre-purchase check and inform you whether the car is fit to be purchased or not. Needless to say, a car having minimal or no potential issues will cost more than the one riddled with such issues. Once we perform a check we will offer you an estimate of what the price of the car should ideally be. In case there is discrepancy between what is already spelt out and what should be the ideal price, you can negotiate in accordance.
Don’t Shy Away from Car Inspections
One of the most common mistakes committed by car owners is that they often end up ignoring mobile pre-purchase car inspection if they are investing in a new vehicle. That’s of course because there is higher risk of damages associated with used cars than what’s the case with new cars. However, one has to acknowledge the fact that new cars are not necessarily devoid of flaws. There is every chance of unearthing potential issues or for that matter present flaws that might take a toll on your driving experience. Plus, with trustworthy pre-purchase inspection, one becomes well aware of the disparity between cost (spelt out by them) and quality if any. It is extremely important on your end to ensure that you’re checking the credentials of the investigators thoroughly before getting them on board. As credentialed pre-purchase car inspectors we provide you details of our qualifications and skills so that it gets easier for you to make an informed decision regarding the choice of services.
Why Us?
Our experts are adroit in carrying out new and used car vehicle inspection in Sydney with laser-like focus on not only the present damages but also potential damages (as has already been mentioned above). Notably, clients usually are more interested to invest in used car pre-purchase because of obvious reasons. However, we would also urge you not to assume arbitrarily that new cars will offer you high performance just because they are “new”. Once you get in touch with our certified car inspectors they will guide you in accordance. From the gear and clutch to problems in car wheels – everything will be checked and reported without fail.
Are you looking for reliable new or used car vehicle inspection in Sydney? You shouldn’t think twice before contacting us! Find out what quality car inspection is all about by collaborating with us! Our unassailable reputation as one of the leading car repairers and inspectors is backed by our dedication, practical knowledge and indomitable passion for every thing about car! There are so many reasons why we have been able to satisfy car connoisseurs for years now!
So you can always reach out to us for “everything” car! Vroom your way to glory!